AFN Sweet Gift, by SugarWish™

A Sugarwish™ starts as a sweet thought or “wish” (which is sent as an e-card).

The e-card guides your gift recipient to our website to select their favorite candies. Their candy is then packaged in our signature box, tied with a ribbon, and shipped right to their door.  
*Pricing and product description below.

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SugarWish Sizes and Pricing:

For all Sugarwishes, you’re gift recipient is able to select 4 types of candy. The difference is in the size and the number of bags.

  • •   The Petite Sugarwish™ ($25.00) has four 4 oz bags so it is the perfect “little something” for 1 person.
  • •   The Classic Sugarwish™ ($45.00) has eight 4 oz bags so it could be a generous gift for 1, a thoughtful gift for a couple, or sweet treat for a family of 4.
  • •   The Ultimate Sugarwish™ ($70.00) includes sixteen 4oz bags so it would be ideal to send as a present for a family, or as a unique corporate gift for an office or other work environment.

*All prices include shipping anywhere in United States.