1How do I create an account? It says my email is invalid.
There are two ways to create an account.The first way is to click on My Account at the top and create an account under "Register".The second way is to add the items you want to buy to your cart. During Check out, you will be asked to create a password. This will create you an account based on the information entered.
2How was the pricing determined?
AFN orders in larger quantity so you won’t need to meet a minimum. Once the final invoice is sent to us, we take the number of items and divide that by the total amount, which typically includes set up, taxes, and shipping cost.
3What are the purpose of these items?
The promotional items are mainly for regional managers, branch managers, and loan officers to hand out to prospects, referral partners, or clients.
4Can I get a sample of an item?
Yes you can, as long as the pricing is under $2.50. We ask that samples be reserved for regional managers, branch managers, and loan officers.
5Is there a minimum to the order?
No, AFN buys these items and stocks them for your use, there is no minimum. You can order as little or as much as you want as long as it does not go over our stock.
6What happens if I want to order more than what you have in stock?
If you want to order more than what corporate has in stock, and it’s an item that we deemed to be “in demand,” we will order more. The turn times for those are usually 2-3 weeks.
7How long will it take my items to get to me?
Delivery Time: Orders placed before 12pm PST can be sent out same day unless other arrangements has been made. Orders placed after 12pm PST is not guaranteed to be sent out same day. *This excludes any custom print jobs such as business cards.If you need the items to arrive by a certain date, please make note of that in the comment section at check out.
8Can I get item x with my information on it?
All items ordered are generic for maximum use amongst all branches. We can recommend places where you can order items with your information on it, but note that there will be a minimum. Click here to submit an item request.
9Who pays for the shipping cost for the items to be shipped to my branch?
When we ship out an item, we will put your branch code in the reference number and accounting will charge your branch P&L the appropriate amount.
10Can I pick up the items from corporate?
Yes, if you are ordering something and are within driving distance of corporate, you are welcome to come in and pick them up. Corporate’s address is 10 Pointe Drive, Suite 330, Brea, CA 92821. Please make arrangements with Kim Skulavik before picking up.
11Can I see the item before buying?
Of course! You’re always welcome to come for a visit to corporate and see what we have in stock. :)
12I want to purchase an item that isn’t in the store. Is it possible for corporate to get item x?
It depends. If it’s an item that we know other branches would want, we will look into the best pricing for the particular item and order it. However, this will take a few weeks to get together so if you have a deadline, please let us know. Click here to submit an item request.
13Does AFN have this item in stock?
What we have in stock is up on the store in All Items. If you’re looking for an item and can’t find it, please contact us for help.
14What if I want an item that use to be in stock but is no longer there?
Some items have been discontinued as the AFN store evolves. The items that are in demand usually gets stocked.
15Can I buy a table cover/prize wheel/banner instead of renting?
Yes you can. Please contact marketing@afncorp.com to coordinate this.
16Am I being charged for the rental items?
No, you are not. When you request to rent an item, an agreement form will be sent to you on the terms and conditions with a “return date.” If the item is not returned by the due date, a rental fee of $3/day per item will be charged until it’s returned.*Any damage/stains to the items while under loan will result in a charge to the branch P&L corresponding to the required replacement, cleaning, or repair of the item.
17Can I buy items using my branch P&L?
Yes, you can. However, all charges to the branch P&L needs to be approved by your branch manager before it’s fulfilled.
18Do I have to use my branch P&L to pay?
No, we have other options that you can choose from such as PayPal where you can use your credit card.
19Can I return the items after my branch buys it?
No, all sales are final.
20What if the items arrived broken/scratched/damaged?
Please contact Kim in the event of an item being broken/scratched/damaged during transit.